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This year was the first time you got to go trick-or-treating and boy were you a fan!  Once you got the hang of the fact that you got to keep the things you put in your pumpkin pail, there was no stopping you.  You exemplified the term "big boy" on halloween night; needless to say I was proud of you but also stood in awe of this little person you have become.  You wanted to walk up and down the sidewalk to the houses, you would fuss and flail if I attempted to carry you.  You wanted to carry your own pail - expect you had to cave and let Daddy take it at the end of the night as it got to heavy for you to pick up!  If allowed, you would systematically empty someone's bowl one piece at a time into your pail.  You were picky too; if someone handed you candy, that was fine you would put it in your pail and be on your merry little way.  If YOU got to pick, you would dig through until you found the brightest colored package and select that one.  Daddy and I noticed that YELLOW seemed to be the theme of your choice.  I guess with all the brown and silver found commonly on candy packaging, the yellow of Peanut M & M's stood out.  At one house someone had a whole plate of Full Size candies and you moved things out of the way to claim (using both hands) a box of lemonheads.  You were very decisive in your choices; in that when we went to one house where there were two bowls - one with candy and one with Scooby Gummy Snacks - you started for the candy bowl then saw the other one, put back the candy and took a Scooby Snack package as your prize.  All in all we're guessing we went to about 25 houses (I took you up one side of the street while Daddy held down the candy distribution at home and then he took you on the other side).  You got quite a loot too - 78 pieces of candy / treats and 4 little tubs of Play Dough!!! 

Crazy to think that this time last year you were in 3 month PJ's and now you're walking around in your Winnie the Pooh costume charming your way into another piece of candy. 

All my love,

Halloween 2011

Halloween 2012

1st Treat

 Checking out contents of pail at the end of the night

Family Photo

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