Thursday, August 1, 2013

PJ's & a Fedora Hat



You know what you want.

You want what you want.

You don't want what you don't want.

This decisive opinion about things is something that I think has always be intertwined into the fabric of your being. 

You specifically want your blue shoes, not your black ones. 

You want a particular car or train - not some random one - you search with purpose until you find the object of your desire and then beam a radiant smile upon finding it.

The other morning, you had one of these moments.  A hat on your head has become a standard part of your attire.  You have 4 baseball hats that we rotate depending on which somewhat matches what you are wearing.  You also have a collection of fedora style hats, but you haven't been into letting me put them on you when your dressed more "fancy".

This morning in particular, I brought your motorcycle hat up with me to get you up in the morning and dressed for the day.  Your love of bikes is great so I figured you would be happy.  I was wrong.  You weren't sad, but you were insistant that you were not wearing that hat today.  You were wearing the burlap fedora that has been sitting atop your dresser for months that you have refused (up until today) to entertain.  The tags were still on it from when I happily picked it up for you at Target months ago.

Once the tags were removed, I placed it on your head and you grinned.  You were the happiest little boy with your crab footed pajamas and your fedora hat.  I went with it.  It wasn't going to hurt anything and I've learned to choose my battles.  This wasn't worth fighting.

So here you are, in all your pajamas and fedora hat glory - happy as can be!

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