Thursday, May 16, 2013

21 Months ~ Alex ~ May 2013

Dear Alex,

How did you get so big? It amazes me that 21 months ago you came into my life as this tiny peanut of a baby and now you are this incredible person.  You have a giggle that fills a room and echos as it bounces off the wall.  For the most part, you are just a happy kid.  The littlest things in life make you happy, such as pancakes.  When informed that you are having them for breakfast, you squeal with joy and shout pancakes with the largest grin spread accross your face.

You are ALL BOY - dirt, bugs, bruises, climbing to the top of the tallest things and jumping off - yup, that pretty much sums you up right now. 

At the same time, you are so sweet and loving.  It makes me so proud when I see that tender side of you.  You exhibited this towards Riley the other day and I couldn't wipe the smile off my face all day.  Upon his arrival (he is 6 months old and in a car seat carrier), it's your job to pull back the blanket cover the carrier and to push bag the "awning" to reveal your buddy.  You do so with such gentle care and such pride.  Once Riley is visible, you sit down in front of him and smile and talk to him. You pointed out his monkeys on his PJ's and gently patted his head.  You were so happy to see him.  After he was removed from the carrier, you replaced the blanket and put your hand on it's handle.  Riley's mama put her hand beside yours and you "helped" her take it to the corner where it sits until it's pick up time.  You were so PROUD of yourself.  You did your job so well. 

One of my favorite things about you right now is the sound of you saying "Mama".  You say it with such excitement and joy as well as such love and warmth.  You will be playing in the other room and stop, run in yelling my name with a grin on your face, run up, give me a hug and kiss and then go back to playing.  As if in that moment, you wanted to be sure I was still there and when I popped in your head, I was the most important thing in that moment.  I love your hugs and kisses.  I love you smiling at me at bedtime and saying "night night" so sweetly.  I love the incredible joy that exudes from ever fiber of your being. 

It is my prayer that you keep that joy, that fierce love of life, the tender kindness towards others - you are going to make such a difference in this world baby boy.  You already have in your 21 months here.  My world is better with you in it.  I am a better me by being your mama.  It is a role I was born to play and I am so honored for the privilege. 

All my love,


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