Saturday, March 16, 2013

Alex - Day in Your Life - January 4, 2013

I set myself a goal, 1 day a month (weekend since I work full time) take pictures of Alex throughout the day to document the everyday existence.  We take pictures at holidays, birthday parties and other milestones.  This is my way of capturing you in your element, at this age, to preserve that which I may take for granted now but want to remember when you are all grown.

Here is January 2013:

happy when you wake up * your hair is filling in * you still love your bottle in the morning

fun with new toys * mommy's phone & Alex's phone * getting ready to race * cars * choo choo

breakfast * LOVE blueberries * independent & determined to use that fork

Noah (who you refer to as "Ho Ho" because he has a beard) & his animal friends

Alex & Elvis waiting for a snack from Daddy's popcorn can

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