Friday, July 27, 2012

Freeze Frame Moments

The thing I love about photographs is that they freeze time, capture the essence of that moment and help to maintain a memory long after the event is passed.  This is something that was very important to me when i had my wedding because at the end of the day when the flowers fade, the gown is packed away, tuxes returned; the only evidence left of that day would be in the pictures.

As Alex's 1st birthday is quickly approaching, I find myself pouring over photos and videos of him when he was first born.  I've been putting together a timeline of images to display for his party and am amazed to see him grown in size and in personality.  The older he gets the more evident his happy and laid back personality shines through. 

When Alex was almost 2 months old, we went to visit his cousin Carter, who is 3 months older then him.  We, his Mom and I, took this picture below:

October 2011
Left: Alex, 8 weeks old - Right: Carter: almost 5 months old

I look at this string bean of a boy, with those skinny arms and legs and remember how tiny he once was.  Even though he's pint sized next to his cousin, you can see his smirk and personality shining through.

The boys spent the day together earlier this week while I was at work and Carter's Mom took an updated photo of the boys on that very same sofa (they swapped seats though!):

July 20112
Left:  Carter: 14 months old - Right: Alex 11 1/2 months old

Needless to say, these boys have grown quite a bit.  They are each other's best buds and playmates.  I have a feeling that in years to come there will many stories of the adventures of the Jones Boys and they will be the stuff of legends!

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